A Taste Of Zone: 2-Day Sample Menu

by Kim Droze

eDiets Managing Editor

Does the thought of dieting conjure dreary images of drab foods and deprivation?

You're not alone in your misery over anticipated menus. For decades, people have tried anything and everything to lose weight. And now with one in three adults seriously overweight, millions of individuals are struggling to lose weight.

But desperate times don't necessarily call for desperate measures. A great deal of progress has been made in the field of weight control, which means you no longer have to resort to unappetizing fads like the cabbage soup diet or the grapefruit diet.

Imagine yourself indulging in cheeseburgers, tacos, roast beef sandwiches, shrimp scampi, pork medallions and other filling and flavorful dishes. Now, picture your waistline wasting away while you enjoy these favorite foods. That's right. No deprivation. No bland, boring foods.

What's the catch? There is none. This is how you eat when you're in the Zone, a breakthrough approach that treats food as a powerful drug that boosts weight loss, increases energy levels and fights disease.

Dr. Barry Sears, the founding father of the Zone diet, says that most people assume that they have to give up the foods they love to lose weight. They avoid fat like the plague, instead turning to the very foods that are contributing to their weight problem.

"Most Americans have been told fat is the enemy," Dr. Sears tells the Zone. "Therefore, they tend to be thinking more than they should about fat-free foods. They're also thinking of rolls and pasta and things of this sort. Well, that turns out to be the worst hormonal nightmare. What they should be doing is not thinking about the fat in their diet but the impact of that meal on their insulin levels.

"Using that as the thought process, they should concentrate on how to construct a meal with the best hormonal impact with maximum taste."

Plenty of people have experienced fantastic success with DR. Sears' innovative program. From Madonna to Jennifer Aniston, Hollywood's A-list celebrities have flocked to the Zone to maintain their fabulous figures and keep their health in check.

But it isn't just the rich and famous who follow Dr. Sears' sensible approach. Millions have made A Week In The Zone (HarperCollins), The Top 100 Zone Foods (HarperCollins) and Mastering The Zone (HarperCollins) bestsellers.

The Zone tackles what Dr. Sears believes is the major cause of the spiraling obesity plague: excess insulin. In layman's terms, the Zone is a dietary strategy to keep the hormone insulin in a zone that's not too high and not too low. This is important, Dr. Sears says, because excess insulin makes you fat and keeps you fat. And it's unhealthy starches and grains (rice, pasta, potatoes) that send your insulin levels through the roof. Soaring insulin levels, in turn, lead to cravings and hunger pains between meals.

Certain foods that seem to be healthy can actually have an adverse effect. These are foods that should be consumed in moderation, says Dr. Sears. He singles out peas, corn, melon and bananas.

But when you eat in the Zone, you stay hormonally balanced. And it's as simple as using a basic visualization technique every time you sit down to eat. Picture an empty plate. Now, divide it into thirds. One third will be covered with low-fat protein (enough chicken, lean ground beef or shrimp to fit in the palm of your hand without being thicker than your hand) and two-thirds fruit and vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, green beans, apples, strawberries, etc.). Round off your meal with a dash of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil, slivered almonds or guacamole.

If you eat a hormonally structured meal, you won't experience hunger between the times when you eat. You'll begin to reap the rewards of healthy living in no time. Dr. Sears says within the first two to three days of following the Zone, your ability to think clearer will be significantly enhanced. Within three to four days, you'll notice a surge in energy. By day 7, you'll notice your clothes beginning to fit better, because you're shedding visceral fat, the dangerous fat that sits around the belly.

Now that eDiets is offering personalized Zone plans, it's even easier to follow the diet. You receive weekly meal plans and shopping lists tailored to your needs. That means you don't have to constantly haggle over what to eat... and what not to eat. And if you don't like something on the plan, you can simply substitute it for a meal that is more to your liking.

Here is a 2-day sample of the mouthwatering meals you'll enjoy when eating in the Zone.

Day 1:

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs Benedict, Canadian bacon & English muffin

Lunch: Open-faced cheeseburger with olives and fruit

Afternoon Snack: Fresh berries and low fat cheese

Dinner: Pork medallions and apples with spinach salad

Late Night Snack: Ham with breadsticks

Day 2:

Breakfast: French toast sticks, fresh strawberries and

Canadian bacon

Lunch: Shrimp scampi with broccoli and fruit

Afternoon Snack: Open-faced roast beef sandwich

Dinner: Beef and cheese taco with fruit

Late Night Snack: Smoked salmon and crackers

We keep you informed of the best choices and best foods. To get started with the eDiets-personalized Zone plan, click here and fill out a free diet profile.

Will Atkins Work For You? Get The Answers!

by Kim Droze

eDiets Managing Editor

Steak... lobster with butter... bacon and eggs... coffee with cream... raspberries with whipped cream... cheese...

Who says dieting has to be about deprivation? The above menu may sound like a feast fit for a king... a big, fat king. But in reality, this is actually a taste of a groundbreaking diet regimen that leads to permanent weight loss.

Unless you've been marooned on a deserted island for the past 30 years, you probably know of someone who's tried -- and succeeded with -- the Atkins approach to dieting. After all, weight loss without deprivation is a pretty good selling point. According to Colette Heimowitz, Nutritional Director of Education and Research at Atkins Health and Medical Information Services, you'll say goodbye to that fat forever... IF you follow the diet the way it's supposed to be done. But, slip back into your old ways of eating and the weight will return fast and furiously.

Heimowitz says the secret is mastering the four phases of the Atkins Nutritional Approach: the Induction Phase, Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance and Lifetime Maintenance.

Imagine... no more counting calories! The Atkins plan proclaims the key to lasting weight loss is keeping track of carbs. White flour and white sugar are public enemies No. 1 and No. 2. -- they may also be a major cause of America's out-of-control obesity epidemic. Most experts agree that as many as six out of 10 Americans are overweight.

Dr. Robert Atkins became a key player in the field of weight loss when he released his bestselling book Diet Revolution in 1972. Despite a hailstorm of criticism, the plan has not only survived, but thrived. Studies show that followers of the Atkins philosophy can expect to lose 6 to 20 pounds over the first two weeks. And they do so while eating the very foods that most weight loss plans cut out!

Heimowitz says many people have the mistaken belief the plan calls for massive meat consumption. Bet you didn't know that fresh fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, cheeses and whole grains are also featured. So, the Atkins approach can be adapted to your lifestyle.

"What's so appealing about the program is that you can eat luxuriously in restaurants by eating around the carbs," Heimowitz says. "You don't have to count calories. You only have to count carbohydrates. People find they're not as obsessed with food.

"Their appetite is much more under control. They lose that craving for sweets and carbohydrates. Their energy is better because they avoid the roller coaster ride of high/low blood sugars, which happens when excessive carbs are taken in. Their body composition changes. Their clothes fit them better. They lose inches. The majority of weight lost is fat mass."

Heimowitz is quick to point out that not all carbs are created equal and following the Atkins plan doesn't mean you'll spend the rest of your life avoiding carbs. You're simply eliminating the unhealthy carbs (foods made from white flour and white sugar) and replacing them with healthy carbs (some fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts).

This is the most direct system for burning fat, she says. When sufficient carbohydrates aren't available for energy, the body turns to its back-up system for fuel: your fat. By following the Atkins Nutritional Approach you're burning fat for fuel -- in other words, the fat isn't collecting in your arteries or fat cells. Because of this, the Atkins diet lowers your risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

After years of the providing same great diet with the same great results, the Atkins approach has evolved by linking up with the world's number one online weight loss website . Atkins followers can now get the best of both worlds: the Atkins Nutritional Approach as powered by eDiets. Not only do you receive a personalized meal plan tailored to your needs, you also get the 24/7 peer and professional support you can't get from a book, says Heimowitz.

"It's a valuable tool for information and support. Recent research has shown that people will maintain weight loss and succeed for longer periods of time when they have support, which is what the book alone cannot offer. Atkins Nutritional Approach offers 24/7 support and information and helps you personalize your program to suit your needs and tastes. This is a recipe for success and permanent weight control."

Through the support boards, chat rooms and meetings, people following the Atkins approach will also have the opportunity to interact with like-minded dieters sharing the same experience. Between the constant support and the unlimited access to dietitians, psychologists and other experts, there is always someone to help bypass any obstacle.

In addition to the support, you'll be guided through the four phases of the Atkins Nutritional Approach so that you can achieve lasting weight loss. Although the Induction Phase is more restrictive in limiting the amount of carbs you consume (no fruit, nuts or seeds in the first two weeks), you will add healthy carbs into your diet as you move into the maintenance phase.

"The Atkins Nutritional Approach works for people, who need to control carbohydrate consumption in order to access their fat storage and burn fat," Heimowitz says. "It's for people who suffer from carbohydrate addiction, for people who are overweight and for those not as physically active.

"It's for anyone who's looking for permanent weight control."

Go to Atkins Nutritional Approach and fill out a free diet profile.


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