Your New Workout With Bob Greene, Oprah's Trainer

Oprah's Trainer Has Your New Workout

By Raphael Calzadilla, B.A., CPT, ACE

eDiets Chief Fitness Pro

Every beginning exerciser asks me the same questions: How do I start? How do I know if what I'm doing is right for me? What kind of program do I need? eDietsoffers a fitness program that not only answers these questions, but also helps you lose fat and melt inches in a simple, inexpensive, effective way. Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover is a 12-week plan that's great for all you fitness beginners -- men and women who don't know where to start or how to progress with an exercise program.

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According to the man behind the plan: "Committing is the first step, but, of course, many other steps must follow. Change is a progression and each bit of forward momentum you make will give you confidence to take on the next challenge. You will experience a series of accomplishments -- some big, some small, but each important. Think of the process of improving yourself as if you were building a house. You need to set down a foundation (your commitment to yourself), then layer on it, floor by floor, room by room.

The name Bob Greene should sound familiar. You've probably seen him on "Oprah," "The TODAY Show," "Good Morning America" and "E!" Bob is Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer. He has worked with Oprah for over 10 years and has helped get the Queen of Daytime TV into the best shape of her life.

But Bob isn't simply a flashy celebrity trainer without credentials. He studied health and physical education at the University of Delaware, then completed a master's degree in exercise physiology from the University of Arizona. Along with being an exercise physiologist, he is also a certified personal trainer and a member of both the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. For the past two decades, Bob has specialized in fitness, metabolism and weight loss.

The beauty of Bob Greene 's Total Body Makeover fitness solution is that it is a gradual 12-week fitness program that is comprised of functional exercises, cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises.

Bob tells eDiets , "These three components determine whether or not you are 'officially' fit. There are certainly many people who possess high levels of all three types of fitness, but more often, people are 'fit' in one or two areas and are completely unfit in the others."

Functional exercises comprise flexibility exercises, abdominal crunches, back and shoulder exercises, and lower leg exercises. These exercises can be completed in only 8 to 10 minutes.

Cardiovascular exercise refers to the ability of the heart, lungs and arteries to deliver oxygen to working muscles and the muscles' ability to use that oxygen to perform work over a sustained period of time. Cardiovascular fitness increases the rate at which the body burns calories.

The third element, strength training, acts as your primary calorie burner by boosting your metabolism. Bob says, "It will strengthen your body and allow it to function more efficiently so you can perform your aerobic exercise at higher levels, which will decrease your percentage of body fat. You'll also get the added aesthetic benefit of toned muscles."

Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover! also includes a component that focuses on eliminating emotional eating behavior. Take a closer look at some of the great benefits Total Body Makeover has to offer:

It's a non-intimidating, easy-to-follow 12-week program. For example, cardiovascular exercises build to a total of 60 minutes in week 1, then you add five minutes per week. By week 12, you're comfortably performing a minimum of 115 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week.

The gradual progression of exercises during the 12-week period trains the body to handle additional exercise capacity. This gradual progression is the key to forming lifelong exercise habits.

It provides a guideline for the most efficient cardio exercises to the least efficient. Members can then make smart choices that will increase their rate of calorie-burning exercises.

In later weeks, strength training with dumbbells is added to the program. Again, this provides for a natural progression, which is the key to preventing injury and adhering to the program.

No gym membership is necessary. The exercises can be completed in the privacy of your home.

You'll receive ongoing support through a dedicated Total Body Makeover! support board (moderated by experienced eDiets personal trainers), online meetings and email support.

There is a component based on eliminating emotional eating behavior.

Animations and descriptions of each strength training exercise are provided on eDiets to teach you proper exercise form. eDiets injury and health assessment profile allows for substitution exercises for any specific injuries. This built-in flexibility provides a fitness solution for every member.

"Powerful change occurs by taking small steps toward your goal every day of your life. You'll have bad days as well as good -- everyone has setbacks -- but if you're committed to your own well-being, I know you'll succeed." Join this great program today and let eDiets and Bob Greene help you to achieve a lean and fit body.

A drug-free competitive bodybuilder and 2005 winner of the prestigious WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Pro Card, Raphael Calzadilla is a veteran of the health-and-fitness industry. He specializes in a holistic approach to body transformation, nutrition programs and personal training. He earned his B.A. in communications from Southern Connecticut State University and is certified as a personal trainer with ACE and APEX. In addition, he successfully completed the RTS1 program based on biomechanics.



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