Among those shared their weight loss results while on Atkins diet, 347 dieters reported effects beyond weight loss (or its absence):

Dr. Atkins Diet Online

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* Hunger disappearance or appetite decrease - 178
* Diabetes improvement - 169
* Mood improvement, energy level increase - 158
* Absence of cravings - 149
* Physicians approval for the diet - 129
* Joint and muscle improvement - 125
* Headache disappearance - 121
* Exercise improvement - 115
* Muscle gain decrease - 112
* Fungal/yeast infection disappearance - 111
* Heartburn, bloating disappearance - 110
* Thyroid condition improvement - 119

Typical messages:

* I feel great and my energy level has increased. I don't feel sluggish anymore.

* No more mood swings, brain fog, confusion, or depression.

* I feel healthier, more energy (can keep up with the kids, yeah!) and smarter.

* I have a much higher energy level as well as a much more pleasant disposition.

* I have lots of energy and a lot more self-esteem.

* I am sleeping like a teenager, and I had sleep apnea before starting thediet.

* I sleep better and I have more energy than my 16 year old daughter

* I'm so infused with energy that I climb the stairs at work without huffingand puffing.

* My energy had increased! Muscle tone had improved even though I wasn'tgoing to the gym.

* When I am eating according to program I feel so much better, sleep betterand have more energy

* After the first 3 days the increase in energy was unbelievable, the mentalfog and Monday morning blues were gone.

* I have more energy, not so tired anymore, and feel like I'm in controlof my appetite.

* I have had a sense of inner peace that I simply can't explain.

* My mood swings have lifted and I'm a much happier person overall.

* I felt better, had more energy, no more brain-fog and I did not feel tiredand worn out at the end of the day.

Atkins dieters also reported improvements in their cholesterol levels:

* A friend of mine went on it and her cholesterol went from 266 to 184!

* After 3 months on the diet, my total cholesterol has dropped to 160, myHDL is up to 35, (a high for me) and my triglycerides are down to 107!

* Blood lipids, when measured at six weeks, six months and one year progressively,reduced from mildly elevated to normal.

* I dropped my cholesterol level by 33 percent.

* [My] HDL ("good") cholesterol increased so much, my general practitionerasked me for the name of this book!

* I had a 100-point drop on my cholesterol level from a very high 360.

* My "good" cholesterol went to 162 from 206!

* Tryglicerides went 106 from 268.

* My cholesterol was 208; it has actually lowered to 181.

* My readings average 111-123 - not 170+, as was the case with my high-carbohydratediet.

* My total cholesterol went from 176 (already OK) to 153.

* My LDL/HDL ratio went from 2.83 to 1.39 and my triglycerides from 82 to47.

* My total cholesterol went from 219 to 168.

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The Zone Diet

Zone Diet Online

* I read the Zone and with in the last two weeks I lost five pounds, feelenergise as well as I did not suffer from any PMS.

* I have lost 23 pounds and again feel like my "old" self.

* I have been in "The Zone" for five weeks and have already lost 14 pounds.

* My cholesterol has dropped from a high of 287 down to 224.

* A recently published paper from a San Antonio HMO study done by Dr. Sears on 34 Type II diabetic patients, showed remarkable improvements in all the factors than count, and none of the patients suffered from ketosis.

* I tried the Zone diet some months ago and sometimes I felt so hungry Ihad to quit the diet.

* It didn't decrease my food cravings unfortunately.

* I tried it and found it too complex

* I gained 4 lbs. in one week on this diet.

* While I agree with him that many of the diets out there are too low-fat, I don't agree with him about eating huge amounts of protein and cholesterol.

* If I follow the Zone very closely I'm very frequently half hungry andmiss many specific foods.

* My weight has fluctuated +-15 lbs. over the past five years on the Zone

* I tried a few other diets after that- Sugar Buster's, Atkins, you name it, I tried it AND bought the book! Unfortunately, none of these programs worked. Finally, after much procrastination from lost hope, I went out and bought Dr. Barry Sears's book and buying that book was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

* I don't know how much weight I have lost and I don't care. I don't feel bloated. My legs don't hurt anymore. My hair and skin look great

* Within the first couple weeks, I noticed my clothes fitting better andI immediately felt more energetic. Free Zone Diet profile - click here!

The Ketogenic Diet

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* Over the last year I have dropped from 262 to 185 following a ketogenic/calorie restricted diet. While losing this weight I have gained both muscle mass andstrength through weight lifting and running.

* I started this diet at 20% body fat and have, over the last 12 weeks reducedthat level to 11.5%. A loss of 23lbs.

* I have lost over 50 pounds of fat and am able to stop injecting insulin (am now diet controlled) to control my type II diabetes following a ketogenic diet.

* I've lost 35 pounds of fat, not muscle.

* I was 28% body fat when I started and I am now 10%

* This may be helpful to athletes who want to develop a certain physique - in my opinion, it's pretty useless information to those of us who are just trying to eat healthier and lose some weight! Better to stick with Atkins - a lot better written, and much less expensive!

* If you want to move away from diet-meister hype and overblown promises to serious understanding of how our bodies work, based on a rock solid analysis of scientific research, this is the book for you!

* Unparalleled integrity in a world of hype and lies

* Many individuals have followed the ketogenic diet and found it to be bothhealthy and effective for fat loss.

* The unadulterated truth about low carbohydrate diets both pro & conwith absolutely ZERO hype.

* I have spent probably over $200.00 on low-carb books but it wasn't until this one that is the most complete, accurate, and to-the point about low-carb with exercise training.

* You've heard about the Atkins and "Protein Power" diets, maybe even tried them. The book, "The Ketogenic Diet", makes the presentations of those diets more scientific.

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Scarsdale Diet

* I lost over 60 pounds (some yo-yo huh?); my husband lost 45

* I went on the traditional two week plan and lost exactly 20 pounds, aspromised

* For 7 years I have been trying to lose 12 pounds. Thanks to the ScarsdaleLow-Carb diet I have finally succeeded!

* The Scarsdale Low-Carb diet helped me quickly lose some extra pounds formy senior prom. Thank you very much...

* After 40, I put on about 50 pounds and was completely out of energy. Ifollowed the Scarsdale Low-Carb diet plan. I now look and feel great!

* now of people who have had great success with this diet. I have taken offabout 20 pounds, and I could have taken off much much more if I stuck withthe diet religiously. This is definately a way of eating that I could feelcomfortable with for a lifetime.

* I went on this Diet with the normal attitude - It probably won't work!Wrong it did work and it worked fast, which is what I needed to see, to keepme on it

* You will lose a pound a day. I have tried other diets,and they don't work

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Other Successfull Low Carb Diets

The One Low-Carb Diet That Always Works

Protein Power

* I can say is that Protein Power is worlds better than Atkins' diet!

* As I passed the age of 50 I again was 25+ pounds over weight and buying another wardrobe. After starting the diet, I lost 6 pounds the first 10 days.

* I've now lost 35lbs at the rate of 10lbs/month. My blood pressure hasnormalised

* I bought the book on vacation 2 years ago. Lost weight immediately and preached low carb to anyone that would listen. Gained weight back faster thanever, plus some.

* My cholesterol levels have plummeted and I am no longer in need of anydiabetic treatment.

* Great diet -- easier, in a way, than Atkins' diet

* You lose weight because you are starving your body of the carbohydrates you need. Your body needs carbs for energy. Your brain cannot work without them.

* If you suffer from being over weight, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or bad HDL/LDL levels, I urge you to at least read this book. If you are on medication, speak to your doctor and give the diet a tryfor 3 months

* Within four days I noticed a real difference in my energy levels, andhad lost 7 pounds.

* Within 3 days, my blood sugars were down 30-35% and just over normal ranges.

Carbohydrate Addict Diet

* All the hype is true - cravings and hunger are reduced, you feel energetic,and the reward meal makes the diet painless.

* The diet is simple I have lost my cravings completely I have so much more energy.

* I did it for a week straight and did not even consider cheating. I notonly did not lose any weight but I GAINED weight.

* I had been on the diet for three weeks, stationed indefinitely at 160pounds

* For the first time I understand why I was always hungry and never satisfied.

* I tried this diet three years ago and lost 35 lbs. in three months

* I have not cheated, but I guess those free dinners are what is keeping me from losing as much as I would like. I still feel great, no cravings, andsleep well, etc. so I'm not giving up.

* Excellent less extreme version of Atkins

* I've lost 27 pounds in 8 months

* If you had success with, for example, Atkins diet (as I have), think twicebefore you consider using this one

* Supposedly this is an alternative program, yet the authors are at their wits end to show conformity with the same old ADA food pyramid, even stressing that their diet can be used to increase intake of complex carbohydrates.

* I have been on this diet for 5 months and have lost 25 lbs., but mostimportant, I don't crave anything during the day, because I know I can haveit at night.

* I believe as the author's do that yes, most of us are addicted to carbs and we need to eliminate a large number of them, mainly the processed foods like chips, crackers, etc. but a moderate amount of fruits and vegetables should be part of every meal.

* I have lost 49 pounds in 8 months

* I was sceptical of this whole "addict" thing but I quickly found there was something to it, at least for me. I quit having headaches as soon as Istarted this, and also learned the difference between actual hunger, and cravingsset off by carbohydrates

Sugar Busters!

* I have lost 15 pounds

* My blood sugar has dropped from 260 to an average of 80 per week and myweight has dropped by 110lbs in less than 2 months.

* Not being able fit into a pair of stretch jeans size 20; I started thediet Four weeks later I am in a size 14 petite!

* I followed this diet for about 6 months. It was hard for me to eat thefoods since I'm at college and I didn't have many choices. I lost 20 lbs.,though.

* By the end of 10 weeks, I had lost 12 pounds; my husband had lost 10.

* We have been on SB for about 8 weeks now and we have lost 15 pounds.

* After only a few weeks, I was no longer depressed and also pain free

* My sugar cravings are gone and no more migraines.

* I have lost 8 lb.! I'm never hungry.

* In my years of experience, I have never tested a work of propaganda likethis one. The recipes are ponderous and even worse, inaccurate.

* A doctor as part of my treatment referred me to sugar busters for Endometriosis.

* Food that fills you up tastes good and stays with you!

* We're eating better than we ever did, but it does take effort and willpower.

* After two weeks, my husband and I have lost 7 pounds.

* Obviously, this author has no idea about what sound nutrition is.

* I dropped some weight and then it came back on

* It is not an Atkins-like, "almost no carb, eat all the saturated fat youwant" diet.

* I have tried the diet for about four days now. Yesterday I came down witha low-grade headache and became grouchy.


* I did lose twelve pounds

* This book definitely changed my life for the better, with improved vision,health, and weight loss.

* I have read several low-carbohydrate diet books and consider 'Neanderthin'to be the best so far.

* It's similar to Atkins without the cheese

* At best, this book should be used as a supplement to Protein Power.

* In a nutshell, if you want to live a true Neanderthin diet, eat only whatyou've killed, caught, foraged, or grown.

* I weighed approximately 230 lbs. when I got the book. It's been about sixyears now and my weight is still in the middle to low 170's.

* My heart rate and blood pressure are that of a 30-year-old.

* I'm not sure what exact variable it is, whether the wheat, artificial sweeteners,excessive caffeine, or dairy, but I now know that this is the way of eatingthat is the best for my body


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