How To Get Most Benefits From Mushrooms


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They're not technically vegetables -- without roots, leaves, or seeds, they're considered fungi — but mushrooms can be an invaluable part of your diet. Although they've gotten a bad reputation for being largely nutrient-free, they're actually a great source of selenium, a mineral that helps to boost your immune system and to decrease your risk of cancer. They're also extremely low in calories (about 20 in a cup), so they help you feel fuller at little cost to your weight loss program. With so many varieties to choose from, you can add mushrooms to soups and salads, or saute them with a little bit of olive oil and seasonings for a wonderful side dish. Here are a few kinds to try:

White: The most common variety found in grocery stores. Use them raw or cooked in salads and soups, or saute them for a tasty side dish. Cooking brings out their natural woodsy flavor.

Crimini: These darker-colored mushrooms have a more intense, earthy flavor and can be used in place of white mushrooms in almost any recipe. They're best when cooked.

Portobello: A larger variety of the crimini mushroom, portobellos are wonderful as an entrée and can be grilled, stir-fried, or stuffed and baked.

Shiitake: These large, meaty mushrooms work well in stir-fries, soups, and side dishes, or as a meat substitute. They're also a wonderful addition to tomato sauces and pasta dishes.

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Nutrition Bars

All About Nutrition Bars

From Jillian Michaels

People always ask me what I think about nutrition bars. The simple answer is, I don't think they're "nutritious." In fact, there is nothing nutritious about most of them. Usually, they're full of processed carbs and chemicals. They have as many calories as -- if not more than -- a candy bar. And they're loaded with trans fats and sugar alcohol.

Some bars are lower in calories, and some don't have trans fats, but unfortunately this cannot be said for most of them. Honestly, if this is your idea of a snack, you might as well just go have a candy bar and get it out of your system. Yep, it's that troubling.

If you really want some nutrition in your snacks, try having a cup of dry whole grain cereal, a piece of fruit, or a few raw or dry-roasted nuts or a couple of cups of air-popped popcorn. Just eat real food.

At the end of the day, as long as your snack calories fit into your overall daily allowance, the choice is up to you. There is no right or wrong answer on this, only different choices. But you can choose wisely.

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